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The coins pictured here are not for sale or have already been sold. This information is for your enjoyment, education, research, and hopefully article writing purposes. Please remember, everything here is Copyrighted. You may use for non-commercial purposes as long as you credit "". You may not use for commercial purposes without written consent.



1861 Indian cent with a reverse die rotated approximately 90 degrees clockwise from normal position. First one of this date that can be recalled by us. 1864-Ls with rotation are extremely common.

1873 Indian cent doubled-die obverse. This example was cherrypicked July 2013, this was the second example cherrypicked in that month alone. There is still good stuff out there! Ya gotta keep looking!

1907 Indian cent with a Straight Clipped Planchet error. This one weighs 2.90 grams.


1935 Lincoln cent with a wide Misaligned Die error. Rare to find an early date this far off.


1953 Lincoln cent struck on Tapered Planchet. Weighs 2.60 Grams or 40 Grains.


1953-D Mint mark lined up under 5 of date. Not rare, just interesting as it points out mint mark placement varies.


1954-D Lincoln cent with a die crack on the upright of the T in CENT. This is a relatively common location for die cracks on Wheat cents.



1960-D Lincoln cent with a "Skirted R" - essentially, just a fancy nickname for a small Die Chip filling in the lower part of the R. Value = less than $1.00.


1982 LD (Large Date) Lincoln Cent Double struck (DSBS = Die Struck Both Sides) in Copper (CU), weighs 3.1 grams. Neat coin and nice for a double strike because of the clear complete date area on the first strike. Would have been even nicer if two clear dates showed up. Would have been Spectacular if the two dates were different dates!! (beware of counterfeits!)

1964 Two Cent piece with a "Inverted Reverse" (reverse die rotated approximately 180 degrees from normal. Normally, U.S. coins are struck with Coin Turn - if the mechanism that holds the die(s) loosens, you can get varying degrees of rotation. On occasion, the die is accidentally put into the press with the rotation. For this particular die variety, the latter is probably the case as other degrees of rotation are not known for this die marriage.

1872 Three Cent Nickel (3cn) with a nice Curved Clipped Planchet error and corresponding "Blakesly Effect" (weak area on a coin directly opposite the clipped area).. Small curved or ragged clips on three cent nickels are not that rare but to see a nice one on a 1872 in mid-grade is scarce occurrence.






1940 Jefferson Nickel with unusual Die Lines through URIBUS and S OF.


1839-O Seated Half Dime with the reverse rotated approximately 80 degrees counter-clockwise from normal position.


1988-P Kennedy half dollar -  missing/very weak designer initials



1995-P Kennedy Half Dollar -  Rim cud lower reverse


1991-P Kennedy Half Dollar - die deterioration (raised area on coin). sort of looks like a Misplaced mint mark.



1994-P Kennedy half dollar -  "chin whiskers" die breaks




El Salvador 1988 1 Colon with Die Deterioration near date.


India 1961 1 Rupee with Die Crack from nose to rim.


India 1974 2 Paise with die crack from border below date, through numeral, ending at rim above A in PAISE.


India 1963 2 Paise with Rim cud (die break) at right reverse.


Ireland 1986 5 Penny with Die Chips atop denomination.


Mexico 1979 Mo Twenty Centavos - Die cracks thru date and clash marks reverse. It's quite possible the dies clashing together is what caused these die cracks.

Pakistan 1998 1 Rupee with rim cuds along right side of obverse.


Pakistan 1999 1 Rupee with die break atop numeral reverse.


Pakistan 1949 Quarter Rupee with Die Crack obverse.


Russia 1840 C.II.M. One Kopek with Die Breaks atop numerals of date.


Spain 1957(73) 5 Pesetas with bold Die Deterioration Doubling.